Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reconfiguration Meeting, February 24, 2010

A group of WPH residents* met with representatives of WPH to receive a status report and to discuss issues relating to the upcoming harbor reconfiguration.
Here is a summary of our meeting of February 24, 2010:
Reconfiguration Project Status.
      The Marin County Dept. of Public Works (DPW) has raised 21 objections to WPH’s last overall site plan; WPH resubmitted the plan today, 2/24/10.  After DPW gives final approval, the Building Dept. can issue permits. 
     WPH is seeking building permits for separate parts of the project in order to try to expedite the process.  The separate parts are the sheet pile wall, dock improvements, WPH office and the demolition of the ark “C.Russell Smith.”   2 contractors are needed; 1 for the site work and 1 for the sheet pile work.  Bids have been received but no final decisions made.  Work will start in the area between Yellow Ferry and A Dock.  Pilings will be added for homes which are now tied to the wall.   It is possible that work could begin April 1, but it is also possible that further responses will be needed to DPW.
   WPH is prepared to start driving the sheet piling along the waterfront.  However, due to ongoing staff changes at BCDC, it has been impossible to secure permission to move ahead, which may push the project back a year, unless BCDC signs off for the work to begin in the next month or two.
     The water and fire districts must also give approval, expected in 30 – 60 days.

Dock Entry and Trash Enclosures
     WPH residents’ initial concerns about the preliminary plans have been received by the Harbor. Suggestions and changes will be incorporated by Bob Hayes, architect for WPH. He will then give these secondary plans back to us to review.

Construction Management and Phasing Plan  (Note: construction period will run from April 1 to Oct. 1, due to weather and spawning season.)
Phase 1:  Sheet pile wall, construction of staging area in the proposed park site; parking lot graded and ready for use as other parking stalls become unavailable.  32 temporary parking stalls at a time will be available as 32 stalls are displaced. The wall will be vibrated into the ground by machine and will take at least 60 working days, a full construction season, from June to October; time estimates may change when a contractor is hired. 
Phase 2:   A Dock, Issaquah improvements and parking;  areas between Issaquah and A Dock will be raised to a consistent level, up to 4 feet in some areas.  Part of Gate 6 Road will be sloped upward and there will be a retaining wall along part of the parking area between Issaquah and Bridgeway; some stalls will be sloped upward at an angle of 5%.
At this time there is no established schedule for dock improvements on Main Dock and/or open water clean-up.  It is estimated that the work will begin in Phase 2 and continue through Phase 4.
Phase 3:  Completion of Gate 6 Road parking; Railroad Property parking lot started; waterside dock improvements (construction of new berths) to be worked on as possible and retaining wall at Main Dock; South 40 parking lot.
Phase 4:  Completion of dock improvements and parking areas.
Phase 5:  Public park, permanent parking and landscaping.  Landscaping will be done piecemeal as areas are completed.

CO-OP Discussion
      a.  Phasing plan – see above
      b.  The CO-OP is to decide on a name for new CO-OP dock by next meeting. 

Dan Hughes, Project Manager
Ted Rose, Harbor Master
Bob Hayes, Architect
Jane Koestel, CO-OP
Michael Labate, CO-OP
Annette Rose, CO-OP Consultant
Jack Schwaner, CO-OP
Laurel Polarek, A Dock
Pam Bousquet, Issaquah
Ric Miller, Issaquah
Suki Sennett, Main
Tony Williams, Main
Stan Barbarich, Liberty
Flo Hoylman, South 40

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