Sunday, March 28, 2010

Follow Up to Dock meeting

I know it’s been some time, but THANKS to Ed Jerbic for hosting the dock meeting a few months back. We raised a number of questions, and I sent these in an email to Dan Hughes, the Waldo Point Harbor contractor for the reconfiguration project, as well as Ted Rose, the harbor master.
Not long ago, Dan sent this reply, and Ted answered some other questions by telephone.
Will we have a separate water source to use if the main under Gate Six road breaks? 
Water District main is public, not private.  There is no other water source.  If main breaks for any reason it would be handled just as if the main were to break today, by the Water District. 

What telephone numbers are appropriate for residents to use if the water main breaks? 
Marin Municipal Water District Emergency:
415-945-1500   or 911
When will construction of the  C Russell Smith boat begin? 
It is our hope it will begin this Spring (4/1/10)

Will Caetano’s be sharing a ramp with C Russell Smith?

What happens to the sidewalk during the Sea-wall construction? We will still need to walk dogs, etc, during the construction
It is our plan/hope to provide continuous pedestrian path of travel throughout construction.  It may be in the form of wood panels, metal panels, re-routing with tape, etc. but we will try to allow a safe path of travel the entire time during construction. 

Can mailboxes be moved onto a temporary kiosk on the dock rather than further away? 
Yes, that is the plan. 

Why do we have to wait so long for a permanent gatehouse and mailboxes? 
We don’t want to build a structure only to have it damaged during construction of other features.  These facilities are going to be nice and we want to install them when everything else is done to ensure they are not damaged during roadway/sidewalk work, dock work, landscaping, etc. 

How much of the Co-op boat building will be done on A Dock? 
Only remodeling or bringing boats to code and new boat interior (after sheetrock) are planned to be done at the A dock.  We don’t know how many boats will be improved at A dock.  We are currently coordinating with EAH to figure all this out. 

Which Co-op families will eventually be living on A Dock?
Ted is looking into this.  He is deferring this until a later date as it is unknown currently.

When do these boats eventually come to A Dock and stay put? 
Earliest we see (this is our estimate) is year 4 when the permanent boats may be placed. 

When will the Co-op dock be built?  It is currently scheduled for year 2 of construction. 

Lastly, can the small fig tree that is growing at the end of A Dock be transplanted to a container and brought onto the dock? 
WPH will make an attempt.

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