Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WPH Meeting -- October 7, 2014

Here are some highlights from the recent WPH meeting:
The A Dock Gate. A “closure mechanism” and spring will be added to the A Dock gate and it will be painted black by October 17. Some padding will also be included to prevent it from clanging shut.
New Houseboats. A Dock will be ready to receive the first of the four Charles Van Damme houseboats within two weeks. Only one houseboat is expected in the near future as the other three are not yet ready for the move.
Ramps. Apparently only one of the new houseboats will use a float to hold the ramp. The others will connect directly (without a float).
Rats. They are always here but we’re seeing more of them on the docks and in Tam Junction because of the drought.
Issaquah's Trash Enclosure. This structure is scheduled for completion October 17.
Charles van Damme Dock. The new CVD dock will get some (but maybe not all) pilings at the end of October, early November.

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