Saturday, May 8, 2010

Reconfiguration Meeting, April 28, 2010

Here is the latest news on the Reconfiguration Project from the meeting, April 28th, of the “Waldo Point Harbor Project Team” with WPH and Dan Hughes:
Dan Hughes, the contractor, let us know that the County still has concerns (see below) with the earlier permit submission. Given these concerns, it is likely that the sea-wall construction project and the WPH Office project will NOT begin in 2010.
The C Russell Smith boat project is under way. The  hull for this boat is under construction at this time at Ian Moody’s. Laurel knows there are concerns about its design and size. Laurel has discussed these concerns with Ted Rose. Ted says to Please contact Lorene Jackson, Planner with the Community Development Agency, with your questions: 415-473-5084.
County Concerns:
Parking : the Master Plan requires 484 stalls; we are 10 spaces short. After some tweaking, five additional spaces could be located, leaving maybe five spaces short. Potentially, an approval from the County on adjusting a Variance along Gate Six Road will give us a few more spaces.
Fire: The Fire Department is requiring a drive-through at the arks at the north end of the Main Dock parking lot to facilitate fast connection to the southern portion of the Harbor for fire &/or emergency response.. No bollards or gates are allowed, although a small hillock of gravel will be allowed. The Fire Department will allow signage, and/or striping or any other deterrent (the hillock) to prevent commute drivers from using Main Dock parking lot as a short cut from traffic jams on the freeway or Bridgeway.
Although there is a hold-up with the County, WPH and Dan Hughes are interviewing site contractors. As of now, no site contractor has been chosen . Final phasing and scheduling will be established and communicated to everyone once a site contractor has been chosen.
Bob Hayes, the architect, updated us on the Dock Entry and Trash Enclosure Design Process. Gates-Coop has approved their Dock Entry, but is still trying to decide on a good name. A, B, C Docks are ready to be signed-off. D and E Docks are still in the review process.
One other issue: There was a long discussion on what to call this committee that meets every month or so with WPH, and more importantly, who should be on this committee. In the end, the members chose the name “Waldo Point Harbor Project Team” and decided that it should be composed of elected FHA representatives as well as “grandfathered-in” volunteers who have been helping with the process for a very long time and who have a wide understanding of all the social and political aspects of the work. For A Dock, the two members are Laurel Polarek and Bob Engman, and if you have any questions about the reconfiguration project, please ask us and hopefully we have an answer.

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